website clean up and more

01/31/2012 01:03

hi all sorry i have not came by . been fixing the websites they were to clodered now ifu click on a page u read that days dev. or if i came on a day i don't post i will save it and that post is whatu will be reading it will be deleted then updated no scrolling to see the updates also i have been ill cold , high sugar . sometings wrong with my finger with my sugar so high that scares me. i will try to come tomarrow be i need to see my dr.. there are some new pages in our jesus dev. good morning words , insprational christian stories and more also there are photo gall. check all the websites out it has new look and feel. with helping my friend i will be staying fri. nights through to sat. eveing come home late sat, sun. church so what i  think i will do is work on websites mon. and thur. come seeu all on tues. and if i can web. till martha is better.