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Remixing the Psalms -- Monday, January 30, 2012


Remixing the Psalms
Craig C. Broyles
It may be no accident that the book of Psalms is in the center of the Christian Bible. The psalms express the heart and soul of the conversation between God and His people.
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This Wasn’t Part of the Deal
April Motl
There are times when we look at our marriages and silently think, “This so wasn’t part of the deal.” But in reality, it was and is.
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Freedom's Role in Developing Teen Discernment
Mark Gregston
Teens crave freedom and they want to show the adults in their life that they are fully prepared to make their own decisions...
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The Impossible is Possible
Laura MacCorkle
It is easy to get discouraged in this life, to shelve our hopes and dreams and to keep our focus on what is instead of on what could be or what is promised to us in the Word.
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Nurturing Your Marriage after Children Arrive
Kym Wright
When children join a couple, the big question becomes: Just how do we find time together – just the two of us?
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Egypt One Year Later
Jamie Dean
Egyptians mark the first anniversary of protests that ousted a dictator and produced an Islamic parliament.
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